My flights over Holland

with Flight simulator FS2004
and NL 2000 V3 scenery

and some more...
by Fekke de Jager

All pictures were taken during actual flight situations with realism settings on 'full', and fair weather.

In the cue at Schiphol airport

Schiphol airport at dusk

A surprise near Hilversum airport

The Rozendaal, in Leusden, a housing project in a park-like setting; Amersfoort is in the background

The western part of the Hague, named the 'vruchtenbuurt' (streets with the names of fruits)

Parked between the giants at Rotterdam airport

The centre of Rotterdam...

The same view, in opposite direction...

The river Maas near Alblasserdam; in the background we see the high rise buildings of Rotterdam...

The same view as above, now with the scenery in 'Educational mode'...

Kinderdijk, world famous for its many wind mills

Dusk at Rotterdam airport

Eindhoven, with the Evoluon

Venray, provincial city in northern Limburg. In its centre is the church, modelled after
the church from before World war 2 (BGL-model by Fekke de Jager)

DSM, formerly de Staatsmijnen (the state mines), an enormous chemical enterprise, nick-named Chemelot


Juanda airport, near Surabaya, Indonesia; here I departed and arrived every month during the years 1980-1981

The result of a combination of two of my hobbies: fligh simulator scenery building and ancient Egypt.

My cockpit, with CH flight sim yoke, CH pedals and
Saitek Cessna trim wheel.

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