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Video clips with performances of Philippine ethnic music

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The North
Title: Sagada fiesta, 2009


Bontoc gong music
This is a demonstration of the Pattong with some variations. A good example of drone type F with a changing melody as a result of shifting the rhythmic parts; wait for the monkey dance. The quality of the video is poor but the performance is good.

Title: Kankanay wedding dance


Kankanay festive music
The ensemble and the music of the Ibaloi and the neighbouring Kankanay are very similar. This is the Tayaw wedding dance. Note the typical 'sulibao' drum and the 'palas', two metal bars. The clip was made eight years ago by Jimmy Dolo.

Title: Kanyaw


Ibaloi dance with kanyaw
A sulibao ensemble. The gong players and the palas player dance while the drummers are sitting. This unedited video was made by 'dafodil568760', taken during his friend's kanyaw in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Title: Ifugao Gong Music


Ifugao Thanksgiving
This video was taken during the Thanksgiving of the Lagguy family at Likud, Haliap, Asipulo, Ifugao in April 6, 2012. The video was made by Shallag Laguy in April 2012. On the YouTube page Shallag Laguy adds: The lady who is beating the gong is Mrs Maria Tayaban of Haliap, together with the old folks of that barangay. Note the different playing and interlocking techniques and the spontaneous dances in the background.

Title: Kalinga musical instruments


An introduction to various instuments with short examples.

The Muslim South

Title: Maranao kulintang 1


Long introduction; playing in uptempo Bago style; demonstrations of juggling with the beater; note the largest gong in the third position.

Title: Maguindanao kulintang (the quote is, here abridged, given with the clip)


‘Binalig is a style in the kulintang tradition of the Maguindanao. This performance was led by master artists Aga Mayu Butocan and Kanapia Kalanduyan, professors at the University of the Philippines.’

Title: Maguindanao kulintang


An fine demonstration of various styles and techniques.

Title: Maguindanao kudyapi 1


The scale of this kudyapi is binalig (pentatonic, no half-steps). Soloist is Samaon Sulaiman from Maganoy, Maguindanao.

Title: Maguindanao kudyap 2


Another solo by Samaon Sulaiman.

The Non-Muslim South

Title: Bagobo ta’gonggo


The female player to the right is playing the drone, the player to the left improvises around the drone and, after a minute joins the dancers, then playing, then dancing.

Title: Bagobo small ta’gonggo


Basically the same music is played as on the large version of the ta’gonggo. These small gongs are made of iron.

Title: B'laan faglung:


Jessie Gan plays the woodpecker song on the faglung. The piece demonstrates the repetition and expansion of musical phrases that form the composition.

Title: T'boli hègelung and drum


A duet on the two- string lute hègelung and tambul (large drum).

Title: Tagakaolu tanggunggu (small)


The music on the small tanggunggu is roughly the same as the music on the small ta’gonggo of the Bagobo. This gong chime is portable.

Title: Tagakaolu dance


The men dance imitating activities on the kaingin such as ploughing and planting while the women play the log drum ôdôl. (video and sound sometimes poor).

Title: Tagakaolu dance logdrum, kitara


The same group performing playing the ôdôl, half-way through the clip two women are playing the kitara in duo play. Playing differs from the description in the book.

Title: Jaw harp (origin unknown)


Although the jaw harp is very common it was not easy to find a good example. The origin of this player is unknown but her performance is good.

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