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Publications on music

Dr. José Maceda
Gongs & Bamboo, a panorama of Philippine music instruments
Published by University of the Philippines Press
Diliman Quezon City - 1998

A complete overview of the music cultures of the Philippines, with hundreds of photographs of musicians, instrument makers and instruments

Drs. Onno Mensink, dr. José Maceda, Fekke de Jager, dr. Willem Wolters
Muziek in de Filippijnen
Published (in Dutch) by the The Hague Municipal Museum
The Hague, the Netherlands - 1977A series of articles on the Philippines and its music cultures; written for the exposition Ugnayan, Music in the Philippines

dr. José Maceda, and others
The musics of Asia
Published by the National Music Council of the Philippines, in cooperation with the UNESCO National Commision of the Philippines
Manila, the Philippines - 1971Papers read at an International Music Symposium held in Manila, 1966

Dr. José Maceda, dr. Mantle Hood
Music from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines
Published by E. J. Brill, in the series Handbuch der Orientalistiek
Leiden, the Netherlands - 1972Two articles on Indonesia and Philippine music

Dr. E. Arsenio Manuel
Toward an inventory of Philippine musical instruments
Published by Asian Studies
Manila, the Philippines - 1978A checklist of the heritage from twenty three ethnnolinguistic groups

Fekke de Jager
Philippine ethnic musical instruments
Published by Ethnographic Art Books, National Museum of Ethnology, Leyden, 2018

Muziek in Zuid-Oost Mindanao
Published in quarterly magazine Verre Naasten Naderbij (in Dutch)
Ethnological Museum; Leyden, the NetherlandsArticle on the music traditions of several non-muslim groups in South East Mindanao.

Publications on art and ethnography

Fekke de Jager
Tiger bells in Eurasia
First published on Internet in 1996

An informal research for the origins, distribution and use of tiger bells in Asia. Tiger bells are jingle bells with a special design: the face of a tiger. They are strongly linked to shamanism and magic. The distributon among ethnic groups over Asia indicates a link between the occurance of these bells and the migration movements of these groups over Asia.

Gabriel S. Casal O.S.B.
T'boli Art
Published by Ayala Museum
Makati, Metropolitan Manila - 1978

T'boli art in its socio-cultural context

Thelma R. Newman
Contemporary Southeast Asian Arts and Crafts
Published by Crown Publishers, Inc.

New York, N.Y. United States of America - 1977Ethnic craftsmen fromn various countries in SE Asia at work, with how-to instructions for adapting their crafts. More than 800 photographs.

Susan Rodgers (text), Piere-Alain Ferrazini (photography)
Power and Gold
Published by Prestel Verlag
Germany - 1988
Jewelry from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines from the Collection of the Barbier-Müller Museum, Geneva.

Carmencita Cawed
The Culture of the Bontoc Igorot
Published by MCS Enterprises, Inc.
Manila, the Philippines - 1972

Pedro A. Gagelonia
The Filipinos of Yesteryears
Published byNational Bookstore, Inc.
Manila, the Philippines - 1973
Descriptions of various Philippine cultural minorities.


Ang mga Kulintang sa Mindanao at Sulu
Kulintang music from Mindanao and Sulu.
Recorded and edited by dr. Jose Maceda a.o.
Notes in Tagalog.
University of the Philippines, Deparment of music
Diliman, Quezon City, the Philippines

Ang musika ng mga Kalinga
Music from the Kalinga in Northern Luzon.
Recorded in 1964, 1969 and 1972. Edited by dr. Jose Maceda.
Notes in Tagalog
University of the Philippines, Deparment of music
Diliman, Quezon City, the Philippines

Other Links

Video clips of performances of Philippine ethnic music
A selection of web-adresses with video clips of music performances.

Stichting Howu-Howo
Direct aid to Nias and Siberut (in Dutch)

Arnoud ten Haaft organizeerd trekking en camping trips naar verre landen en streken. Deze zomer gaat zijn trip naar Mongolië waar tot op de dag van vandaag tijger bellen door sjamanen worden gebruikt. Zie: http://www.bergsportreizen.nl/objects/00001018.pdf

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